Saturday, June 24, 2017


Jennifer Beach Foundation’s History

Jennifer Beach

Jennifer Beach

Jennifer Beach was born in Kansas in 1974, and moved with her family to Redmond, Washington in 1978. She was an honor student and played softball at Redmond High School, was an active member of her church, and involved in many community activities. Jennifer died in an auto accident in 1991 at the age of 17.

Although Jennifer had a love and a flare for fashion design and merchandising she had planned on pursuing a career in law. She hoped to be a voice for those in social situations that needed help from someone who cared.

Prior to her death Jennifer wrote a poem that was submitted to meet the requirements of an 11th grade English assignment. Jennifer had encountered a situation that touched upon one of life’s tragedies, child abuse. Upon noticing a young girl that had apparent signs of abuse Jennifer contacted the authorities but was told that nothing could be done unless the abuser was caught “in the act” or that there had to be more evidence provided than mere marks and bruises. Unable to deliver any further evidence of the crime she was forced to live with the frustration of not being able to help beyond watching and wondering what else might be going behind closed doors. The assignment provided an outlet for this frustration.

The Jennifer Beach Foundation was formed in December 2001. Our initial intention was to share the words of the poem written by Jennifer. Since then, the Jennifer Beach Foundation has branched into many other ways to help survivors of child abuse and domestic violence.